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Powers and Abilities Although not native to this dimension, the Beyonder was one of the absolute strongest and most powerful beings ever to exist in the Marvel Universe. He was also one of the only beings who bridged both the world of mortals and cosmic beings. The Beyonder now shows Spider-Man the villains have caused destruction across the entire planet and have formed territories for themselves to individually rule over. One of the passengers, Tabitha, ran up and started to walk with him. Later they created Cosmic Cubes. When she destroyed an entire Shi'ar settlement known as Eru 7, she caught the attention of the Imperial Guard. He begins to float and is met by two yellow eyes. scientists on Earth. Secret Wars II expands on Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars in every way possible. [5][36][37], Before becoming Kosmos, the Cosmic Cube had expelled Owen Reece from itself as it only needed his power to be complete and not the man himself. Ultimately, however, Vinnie realized that Frank was getting too big for Vinnie's small pond, and he needed to get out on his own. Galactus was apparently unable to leave, but summoned his worldship, Taa II, to the skies above Battleworld. Beyonder View source History Talk (0) Beyonder Name: Beyonder Origin: Marvel Comics Gender: Male Classification: Omnipotence Age: Primordial Strength Lifting: Infinite Striking . Through Doom it was shown that a fraction of his power could listen to conversation from several miles away and use telekenises to drop a large mountain on our heros. She thought he was a mutant, and said she was one herself. He teleported himself to the offices of Heroes for Hire and upon finding that Power Man and Iron Fist were not there he brought them forward through time to see him. Fantastic was surprised, since he had had sensors targeting the Beyonder's energy signature, and they had not gone off. They set up a situation where Spider-Man found out about a planned hit on the Kingpin--something he couldn't let happen, given his morality. Strange finally tells Havok the final secret: this is not really the Beyonder. [13] Their power would then be transferred over to Reed Richards, who used it to recreate the Multiverse in its eight iteration. As Thundersword, he began to wreck various Hollywood studios and other businesses. Now fully-grown, he lived with his fellow Beyonders in the Beyond,[1] until he escaped the House of Ideas. The Beyonder was puzzled by their actions, and once again took especial note of Rachel. They normally had low levels of power, but those powers became amped as they got near her. He was also invisibly observing Captain America, who was visiting the West Coast Avengers and then battling Armadillo and Dr. Malus. However, he did have certain circumstances where he felt there was a chance for someone or something to defeat him. Ben informs everyone that Doom created a device to seperate powers, he can transform into the Thing at will. When Black Cat's father returned to the Red Skull he relized that he had been tricked into serving the evil intentions of the villian. For the Beyonder it was like when the Dutch inventor Van Leeuwenhoek, looked through his microscope and discovered little paramecia swimming in a drop of water. The Beyonder: What Happened to Marvel's Secret Wars God? With this purpose in mind, The Beyonders create the Savage Land to analyze the evolution of mortal beings on Earth. She had a choice--kill him, or save the X-Men, whom he then put in danger, making the Blackbird plummet towards the sea, with Sentinels on the chase and spread throughout the city. Spider-Man then tells the Lizard the whole situation, convincing the Lizard to fight along side the rest of the heros. The rest of the energy flowed into the empty Beyond-realm. The Beyonder was very apprehensive of the power of the Tribunal, Eternity, and Scathan the Celestial, but he joined Protege in fighting them. Then the Avengers attacked, but to no avail--he just lay there, listless, ignoring their attacks. This is also when he took on his new and now standard physical appearance as a heavily muscled man with dark Jheri-Curled hair and very mod '80s clothes. However, since he was limiting himself, he didn't cure her. Motivated by The Beyonder's reward, the heroes and villains launch into an all-out war, grabbing advanced weaponry and technology--gifted by The Beyonder, of course--to conquer their foes. Kosmos takes on a female form and is tutored by Kubik, touring the universe with him. Every-moment is precious because, at any time, death can take life away. [4], Hank Pym is sent by the Illuminati to investigate the Incursions and the collapsing multiverse. There is another dimension, where a race of incredibly powerful beings known as the Beyonders (plural) live and watch our universe. In his quest for answers, The Beyonder commits to become fully human, yet, there is a catch: The Beyonder will retain his immortality and celestial powers while on Earth. He then decided to try to take over the world in a more "limited" fashion than he had before: by doing it legally. The Beyonder then teleports Spider-Man to the planet and introduces him to a device that will allow him to transport a small quantity of Earth's heros to the planet. Having nothing else to do, he decided to go along with the man. [12] After being visited by Kubik and the Shaper of Worlds, two sentient Cosmic Cubes, the Beyonder merged with the Molecule Man to become a new Cosmic Cube. In fact, the Beyonder was talking with Death, talking about this very thing, and admitted his fear of what would happen. It became self aware and formed a being of immeasurable power. They have powerful divination abilities through the use of stars and crystal balls. Philosophical, maniacal, and deadly, The Beyonder pushes the term 'over-powered' to a whole new level. He knew he needed a friend like Tabitha. The only one that was left was Reece. The powerful being upgrades his appearance and sports an all-white costume and shaggy dark-har. By overlapping two people's appearances, even if they are disguised, the Astrologer can determine if whether or not the two are the same person. For a long time, the Beyonder was not seen again directly during Secret Wars I: he had set up his experiment, and now simply observed as the subjects interacted. Reed reasoned that if the Beyonder killed Doom, instead of sending him back in time, he would destroy the continuum of history, and perhaps not even the Beyonder could survive that. So while his feats existed, they don't share the original magnitude of Pre-Retcon Beyonder's actions. He freed Protege, who had the power to copy any power he witnessed. There are several meaningful glances and close-ups of Black Bolt's face at several points in the story that could be interpreted in different ways.) Powers and Abilities Although not native to this dimension, the Beyonder was one of the absolute strongest and most powerful beings ever to exist in the Marvel Universe. He joined them on their journey and went into the Land of Couldn't-Be-Shouldn't-Be and then the House of Ideas. (It is unclear why Kubik did not help her.) He took a trip to soak up the good things about life on Earth. This version of the Beyonder was not to be trifled with: he had little of the sense of wonder and respect for human life that the 616-Beyonder at least occasionally possessed. The Molecule Man had been more powerful than anyone other than the Beyonder. Powers and Stats Tier: Low 1-A As they died, Moondragon left a psychic message with the others, saying that perhaps this result was the Beyonder's intent all along--that he knew they could only truly defeat the Dragon by forcing them to take this extra measure. In a cover for "Rogue & Gambit #3" by Ema Lupacchino . [20] There, over the next several days, they engaged in a "secret war" amongst themselves; most of the criminals sought to destroy the heroic adventurers in order to gain the prize that the Beyonder had promised. There are many Marvel characters on Earth that have are no match for their incredible powers. While the various heroes he had met had tried to answer the big questions, Vinnie taught him how to eat, get dressed, and even adopt a sense of humor. The Molecule Man was devastated, and the Beyonder lorded it over him. Reece decided to take the role of a therapist with the Beyonder, since he himself was quite a veteran of therapy sessions. Rachel then wanted revenge against the students, but Magneto persuaded her to stop. Later on, the Avengers split into two groups to defeat Beyonder and his forces. The Molecule Man was moved and restored Kosmos to her former state. At one point when he wanted to die, he was going to let the Thing kill him (or at least his body) by intentionally not healing himself. Superman's arch-nemesis is Lex Luthor, a brilliant [] The Uncanny X-Men #203 (by Chris Claremont, John Romita Jr., Al Williamson, and Glynis Oliver), portrays The Beyonder's opportunity for redemption. At one point in the battle, Kubik held the Beyonder's entire universe in his hand, and was about to crush it, when the Shaper stopped him. The living embodiment of The Beyond Realm, a reality outside of the Marvel multiverse, he utilizes his powers over reality, space, and time to observe the never-ending battle between good and evil, serving as both an ally and enemy to Earth's greatest heroes. Spider-Man, Lizard, and the Fantastic Three make their way to Dr. Dooms kingdom. Fantastic came to see him. While Reece was not as strong as the Beyonder, he was able to hold him off until the other heroes regained consciousness. However, he and Doom were, as Captain America said, "swatted back like flies!" Murdock was against it, but the Beyonder gave him a special form of payment: he gave him back his vision. He was frozen in indecision. He created his own " Battleworld" from several planets and a Denver Suburb. In his battle with Owen Reece, after he had transformed into Kosmos but Reece reverted him into his old Beyonder form, their battle affected distant galaxies, distant time periods, and other dimensions. In addition, Eternity itself would be the gunner for the weapon. The Beyonder went out into space again, contemplating existence. He also cured Princess Mari and Huntarr. [14] They have also displayed other limitations, as an explosion strong enough to destroy a few thousand universes was sufficient to kill them. [3], The Beyonders are a race of extra-dimensional entities that were created by the Celestials following the creation of the Second Cosmos, the first multiverse, in the Celestial War. After discovering that the Maker was the Beyonder, Thanos came to see her, and in a deranged state, she destroyed a large portion of the Kyln. Storm argued strongly against Rachel's plans, but she was going to do it anyway. Mephisto suddenly attacked with demons, but sadly to no avail. Klein proceeded this line of thought and soon realized he had reached a dead end. The Puma visited his old sensei, Muramoto, while in Japan, and to his shock the Beyonder was there too--and he was friendly with Muramoto! He still had comic awareness and reality warping capabilities. The other attacked, with no affect. [4][12] While still a child,[3] the older Beyonders began their grand experiment where they transformed Owen Reece into the Molecule Man;[2] this "accident" poked a hole into the Beyonder's universe. Magneto agreed with her final choice, as he had earlier counselled mercy against the student who had tried to kill Xavier. Arrowverse The Anti Monitor makes his live-action debut in the Arrowverse adaption. She hoped that with the current universe destroyed, the Beyonder would lose interest in it, and would at least not destroy the future universe, whereas if he continued on his present course, he would probably destroy not only the current universe but any future ones as well. He physically grew, and grew in power. The Beyonder went back to Owen's apartment to talk over all of these recent problems. She ran away, and had another vision, this time of her grandfather, who recounted the conflict between the Cheyenne and the white settlers, and how the Cheyenne tried to face extermination with honor. In the original Secret Wars storyline, he was the be-all and end-all of the Marvel universe that took human form to better understand the nature of human beings. He learned about Havok and became obsessed with him, although he wasn't sure why: he just had a subconscious feeling that he need to find him. Or at least so Mephisto hoped; even with all this power, he wasn't sure it could kill the Beyonder. The Beyonder decided to use Zarathos as his catspaw. Although she suffers defeat, Phoenix attempts to sway The Beyonder's mind by reminding him that death makes life meaningful. He was much more peaceful at first; when the Molecule Man attacked him, Doom did not kill him, but instead took away Reece's self-imposed mental blocks, allowing Reece to reach his full potential as the most powerful being in the multiverse other than the Beyonder. He beat them all easily in a brief fight. He said that this explained a great puzzle: Doom was dead and his body dispersed during Secret Wars I, so how was Doom there to steal the Beyonder's power, and why didn't he and the Beyonder recognize him? [39] He also lost part, or all, of his power on various occasions, some of them engineered by himself. It took them a while to get up, however, and they had been knocked miles away. Meanwhile the Beyonder kept doing heroic deeds, and Captain America and Mr. He teleported to their location and ran into Firelord but Firelord passed out from his injuries during his fight with Nebula and her army. Even in this state, however, he was incredibly powerful, having enough strength to at least banish a legion of demons back to Hell in one motion. It is unclear whether Black Bolt did or did not remember the Beyonder. But as soon as he stepped in the door, Reece blasted him with his full force. The Beyonder showed up and destroyed the base himself, complaining that the humans fear everyone more powerful than themselves, and saying that they're all paranoid. True love was when there was a free and limitless exchange of love between both partners; it couldn't be a "business deal" where there were other obligations. Superman is considered as the most powerful among them by the fans. The UCWF tested his strength, and unsurprisingly he passed easily, lifting five times what the Thing lifted. Finally, many of Earth's costumed champions joined forces to stop the Beyonder once and for all, but none succeeded. Thanos instructs the Shi'ar that the body should be kept alive but brain-dead, or the Beyonder essence would go free again. Now, they had to fight, or die; they all meant less to him than an amoeba, other than perhaps Rachel, who he called a "starsoul." However, most of these were either due to his own self-limiting of power or some other kind of special circumstances. [17] Following this, the Beyonder is recruited to be a professional wrestler and is nearly killed by Thing in a wrestling match. One of the local residents, Dave, a down-on-his luck local reporter, saw it and ran to see what was going on. (His appearance happened to stymie an attack on Alpha Flight by Omega Flight.) The Illuminati departed, having succeeded their in goal. The purpose of their experiment was to eventually kill all of the Molecule Men at the same time, bringing an end to the multiverse. Victory tried to warn the Beyonder of his target of amusement but the Beyonder would not listen, and brought them back to his universe (the Beyond-realm attached to that reality). The Beyonder then returned to his original bar to do more drinking. Remains to be seen. He placed several large space station-like platforms on Earth, and a number of Earth heroes went inside them. The Beyonder also empowered the Guardians to help in the assault. Once there, they (Doom, Thing, She-Thing, and the Human Torch) arrived, to their surprise, in a sunny, happy, populated land that recalled Earth. The Beyonder was not in a mood to be trifled with, and was about to destroy Doom, whom he apparently didn't recognize, when Reed Richards stopped him. He finally turned his life around and decided to take a more positive, proactive approach. After liberating Marsha, he decided it was just a phase and didn't bother to interfere further. Nonetheless, he possessed vastly limitless psionic abilities allowing him to control and manipulate numerous matter and energy at a cosmic level beyond all, but the strongest and most powerful of cosmic entities. When he had entered the Beyond-realm with Galactus at the very beginning of Secret Wars, his armor had analyzed the Beyonder's energies. The Beyonder later met a street walker named Toots. Asking for more information about him, the Illuminati sadly discovered that Black Bolt, the Inhuman leader, did not seem to remember the Beyonder prior to the Beyonder's elevation to nigh (?) In his anger, and in a moment that was both a flashback to Secret Wars I and a foreshadowing to the end of Secret Wars II, the Beyonder let loose a bolt of energy that destroyed a far-flung galaxy. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment More posts you may like . As one of the Beyonder's only true confidants, he could speak to him in a way that the others could not. He was interested in the offer, but felt that there was too much else to experience in the universe, so he left again. The Beyonder informs everyone that they will be teleported back to Earth with no memory of these events and will be as they were before this ever occured. The Beyonder took his message seriously, and indeed it was an experience that he recalled several times throughout the rest of his time on Earth. She had a new idea--go to the M'Kraan Crystal, from which the Phoenix derived its power, and destroy it. As he is about to wipe them out,Thing grabs the elemental spiltter and fires it at Doom. The Puma was now brought to the absolute limit of his anger and his sense of righteousness in his cause. Reece left in a fit of pique after saying his piece, and Dave finally understood. Herc punched him through several floors of the building, causing a fire. The two space stations were then sent down to the planet Battleworld. Much like the original Secret Wars, the last man standing would receive his greatest desires. By the event's conclusion, it is undoubtedly clear that no one, save the celestial god himself, can defeat The Beyonder. He later said that even as he was a human who was learning to be omnipotent, they were omnipotents who were learning to be human. Galactus planned, as a last resort, to destroy Taa II instead of Battleworld, and absorb its unspeakably extensive energy. He intervened, and saved her. Worseit reminds me of someone." Reece's warning had come true, and the Beyonder now knew the emotional despair of rejection. Angrily, Namor, speaking on Black Bolt's behalf, demanded that the Beyonder behave as he should, obey his Kings wishes, and leave the Universe, never to return. Fantastic was unable to register the Beyonder's presence through his sensors, but Professor X could. [7][8] This dimension was accidentally accessed by lab technician Owen Reece; some of the energy from the dimension escapes and imbues Reece with infinite powers, which he wields as the villainous Molecule Man, and the remaining energy gains sentience and curiosity as the Beyonder. As everyone figures out that they have been teleported several miles away, Johnny Storm asks what Doom will do next. The Beyonder considered this request to be reasonable but was stopped by Shaper of Worlds and Kubik. She was scared, and he left. Much earlier, he had created the Darkchilde aspect of her self; now he decided to take all the evil out of her, and leave only purity. Dr Strange pointed out that there were no signs of true life force aura in proximity, indicating that those heroes were creations of the Beyonder himself, and that no matter how accurate they appeared to be, his designs lacked true free will and human spirit. The heros attempt to stop the assult and don't suceed until Iron Man fires a laser to knock the Lizard out. He showed some power limitations in the season finally when it was shown that he was becoming powerless the longer he was outside his realm. Because of this, Strange decided to let him out of the illusion. Once again Dave intervened, and said that they were just looking at things from the perspective of unfeeling concepts, and that Death was most important to living things like him. But when too many people started coming to his island, he began to wonder if he should move. He possesses the ability to control minds. Strange had helped him see the light. After finally understanding who he was talking to, Peter tried to explain, but ultimately recommended Reed Richards as a better person to talk to. Puma was coming in, prepared to kill the Beyonder. Dr. [12], Doctor Doom asked the Beyonder to make his mind complete. Beyonder then tells Iron Man, Thor, and Loki to stick to being part of his experiment or else they'll get what Hulk got. As everything settles down the Lizard suddenly attacks Spider-Man. As everything once again settles down, Spider-Man explains how all this occured. Strange was protecting the area with a mystic shield, and the Beyonder was pounding on it, trying to get in. Galactus was rendered unconscious by the Beyonder's defenses, once again showing his limitless power. The Beyonder's curiosity about our plane and planet continued, and eventually decided he wanted to know more. It turned out that the Secret Wars I-era Beyonder, sensing that Doom was dead in that time, brought him back from the current time and put this current Doom into place in the Secret Wars. When they arrive, they see a mysterious figure approaching, Ben Grimm (Thing) has been restored to his original human body. Marvel's mutants are also getting the Spider-Verse variant treatment, as a handful of X-Men get new art transforming them into spider-heroes. This gave the Beyonder a new idea--a way in which he could fulfill his role as a champion of life in a way that no one else could ever achieve. [50]. When he went to kill him, however, he couldn't go through with it, unable to believe that such an unassuming man was so all-powerful. Impressed, the Beyonder appeared and asked what he should do with Kurse now. [11], A number of survivors of the Multiverse were also collected and brought to Battleworld, now under the reign of the now-cosmically powered "God Emperor" Doom - their memories altered to become the lords and ladies of various factions of a medieval new order. At the end, he proclaimed himself "The" Beyonder, freed himself from the House of Ideas, and stated that he would return on his own terms.[9]. He was ready and willing to face the Beyonder once again. After listening to Cloak and Dagger's arguments, the Beyonder agreed, and brought the drug dealers all back to life, then left. The most omnipotent character in Marvel is arguably the cosmic entity known as "The Beyonder". With a complete mind, he could possibly control it. Similarly, despite claiming to be omniscient, he had no knowledge of the multiverse outside of his own realm, and had to learn everything by experience. He told the Beyonder that he must fight for what is right, and that such a fight must involve sacrifice. Since he was still somewhat naive, and often intentionally limited his awareness of the world in order to experience things more like a true human would, they were able to draw him into their tenement, telling him that they could provide him with true happiness through their drug. He said that when he was drunk, Dr. According to Englehart, an editor hated the character and ordered the Beyonder "removed" from the Marvel Universe. While this storyline fails to flesh out The Beyonder's origin, it does, however, provide deeper insight into his powers, personality, and intent. The Beyonder sought to make Alison Blaire (Dazzler), his lover, and even went so far as to bestow half of his power upon her so that they would be equals. Living in a self imposed exile for centuries, Druig led his secret . He discussed how hard it was, since there really was no reality other than what he willed to be: "Cows don't have wings because I don't want them to!" [15] He eventually threatened to end existence but accidentally allowed himself to get killed, or so it seemed. But, again, the Beyonder used his powers to control the minds of others to do so. This issue pulls back the curtain to reveal the celestial beings responsible for The Beyonder's birth: The Beyonders. Meanwhile, the Beyonder managed to come into our universe as a small spark of light. Strange. Beyonder informs Spider-Man he needed to make sure that he was a capable leader of "the real task at hand." This is the time when his personality really began to take on most of his recognizable personality characteristics. However, he was unharmed, and kept her power from having any effect on the area outside a patch of fused glass perhaps 40 feet in diameter. Uatu importuned Reece to help them, but he refused, he just didn't want to get involved in such matters any more. Instead, he learns the incursions are being caused by the Beyonders, whom he also refers to as the Ivory Kings. He quickly pulled himself out of this dead end and changed his angle of thinking. Finally they stopped, realizing they could do nothing, and he just walked away, saying that he still knew he couldn't take the easy way out, and that he had 10 pointshe won. [4] Finally, he was revealed to be a "child" of the Beyonder race.[5]. The Beyonder first appeared during the first Secret Wars, as a being that was stated to be the omnipotent embodiment of an entire separated multiverse. Cadwall ran amok in his new identity, and was opposed and defeated by various costumed adventurers. The Beyonder was first introduced as a being from outside the, As a note regarding his retcon history, the Beyonder was, As a consequence of his retcons, the other sentient Cosmic Cubes may be Beyonders in a "larval stage. So, who can stop Superman? There are several odd things about this story. The Beyonder brought her, and then later the Power children, to a hospital. Doom used the Cube to restore his memories but Kubik and the Shaper of Worlds stopped him before he could take its power. Hold together a planet that he made out of remnants of destroyed realities by thought alone. Hi, what are you looking for? [19], After being encouraged to find enlightenment by Doctor Strange, and failing, a frustrated Beyonder decides to destroy the entire multiverse, leading to several more battles with various Marvel superheroes, all of which end up with the Beyonder victorious. When encountered, the Beyonder is dwelling in a simulacrum of Manhattan Island on Ceres, a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt. For unknown to the others, the energy he had sent out of our world went back to the Beyond-realm, where it cooled like our own Big Bang. [11] In his personal universe, the Beyonder was everything. The Beyonder stood thinking on his own for a while, now understanding how the experience of being in a fight and being hurt was quite different from observing others being in a fight--experience was indeed the best teacher.