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you got to put out a fight strategies. We should have had four sides of every milk carton ever manufactured for the last 20 years loaded with kids. its eventual. This episode of "The Tipping Point" on Revolution Radio was livestreamed on Patriot Streetfighter 7 as it was being broadcast. And theyve been lying to you about it, what your rights and your freedoms are. Madonna calls their vaccine Madonna operating system. Where is this? Why are they not afraid to you? 21:29 We, thanks to COVID were able to serve because it was almost impossible, because he federal suits you suppose those are in person, but because of COVID, they let you do it by certified mail. Those people in most cases that are least intellectually qualified and studied, and have the right temperament and have discernment toward your fellow man. Thats when rules of engagement go out the window. I said, Well, I cant have a medical reason. My opinion. 11:10 So I cant wear him. Thats all they are. As somebody who was a criminal running the CDC for 30 years. And they just, it wasnt the cool crowd to be in. Anyways, theres a transcript here, but I just walked you through how serious these people Learn how serious the scumbag criminals are. These people will just keep lying even though its on the internet. Eastern time. All along. Thats, thats awesome. These people operating under the color of law theyre carrying out fog orders bug iidx, which puts them in the crosshairs of both criminal and civil prosecution. But lots of chatter about promoting uptake of new patentable antiviral drugs and vaccines. He says, so I come out on the porch. And Ive decided not to, not only because when we politically I wouldnt anyway, but also, if I put one on, I wanted to hit the ground with vertigo. Because the very principles of liberty revolve around our monies, our pursuit of happiness, if you dont have the ability to pursue that happiness, to pursue those rights, and to act in a system where you can, for lack of a better word democratically operate, because its your choice. So the administrator says I tell you what will let you does your doctor but will want the doctor to have extra protection. I assured the participants that Gates Foundation is creating algorithms to sift through information on these social media platforms to protect the public from dangerous thoughts and information. 1:42:03 And during those two weeks, he learned how to shoot. That was pretty funny, actually. So they no Say that again, say that again. For assistance accessing the WTNS FM Online Public File, please contact: Bruce Wallace at (740) 622-1560, For assistance accessing the WTNS AM Online Public File, please contact: Bruce Wallace at (740) 622-1560, Jeremy Scott will become News Director at. So Matthew Harrington replies to ingleby ingels Bs question. So also, youre going to assault me physically? 1:07:51 The participants discussed mechanisms for controlling disinformation and misinformation by flooding the media with propaganda, quote, good information, imposing penalties for spreading falsehoods and discrediting the anti vaccination movement. Didnt make sense. Every Saturday and the title of the show is well appropriate, appropriately enough. 1.13K. Its a 63 page document. They were gaming this thing now, and global economic collapse lasting up to a decade compared to the gate simulation. Jay Parker. For some of you Its gonna take a little bit longer for you to realize this and know exactly this is what these people do. My goal is to get the counter so I can check my stuff out, and then get out of there. Trevor was the go-to guy on the staff with any technical or personal needs. 1:49:28 This is a massive problem, one that threatens governments and trusted Institute institutions. The insanity which with with which they perpetuate on society, those who dont wear a mask, those who actually are have a have an independent mind or a thinking person, a self determined free person who refuses to bow to tyranny who refuses to be muzzled who refuses a criminal element to perpetuate unlawful and illegal acts on society as a whole. Home; Search; Donald W Mckay; Donald W Mckay's Ohio Voter Registration. And I can clearly see that I wasnt meant to be in that environment, because I would have never lasted and I wouldnt have any influence that would do anything any good. Imagine that this is what we want to offer the enemy. Were not were not on there. Because theyre self serving. And and if people in an area would just make a concerted effort, okay, this business owners, one of those people that keep requiring us to do this, lets just collectively say nobody goes in that business anymore. I have no problem. Does that mean every school board around the country, every city council, every legislator, every politician, Youre damn right, it does every last one of them. Theres no law. Look, Ive said this on the show a number of times. Shortly before the COVID outbreak, gates, and other powerful individuals began planning how to censor vaccine safety advocates from social media during a tabletop simulation of a worldwide pandemic known as event 201. Yeah. Learn What NESARA/GESARA is HERE. Because I refuse to take my finger off the trigger of information coming out of a Gatling gun pointed right at the scumbags to try to overwhelm these people with enough truth that it recruits enough soldiers behind me to join the fight. I battle which one I love most as my favorite economist that both of them are fa fa hyack Road to Serfdom. Now heres the thing, though, for those of you who think that the Americans with Disability Act protects you? Finally, well sit here and wait, the new net proposes a lane open different because we aint moving. Well, we can get you on. And the founders want to put on put on the line according to the Declaration of Independence, their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. its a real pleasure having you and Im absolutely ecstatic that we could get you at the last minute as really perfect, perfect timing setup for this. They got their cohorts in big tech, Facebook, Twitter, Google, all of it. I get my my my barbecue They just put it on a big piece of brown paper, wrap it up, hand it to you, and you just caught it in the front set of your tables, grab a beer, whatever. Return Policy So I think theres an opportunity to collect data from that communication mechanism. What does that mean? I mean, what are the system around the world? McKay Addresses the Establishment of FED, JF Kennedy, NSA, Rogue CIA, 16-year plan BO to HRC, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Q . No problem. She reminds her fellow collaborators that quote we know that social media is now the primary way that many people get their news so interruptions to these platforms could curb the spread of misinformation Of course everything they term misinformation is actually true information. I dont know what you guys faith out there is but I believe in prayer, I believe prayer is at the top of the list. And if thats what they refuse. Were done with this tyrannical bullshit. And theyre wrong. I guess so. And Ive been argued with us, it will go, you know, the founders, they didnt see such a pandemic coming, they didnt, in 1775, they were hit with smallpox, in 1793, they were hit with the yellow fever, you dont beat these new this type of stuff will be coming, you know what happened in 1775, with smallpox hit, and then had a 10% mortality rate, they did have a vaccine, it was not mandatory for the average person, it was mandatory for those entering the militia. I said, Well, if you believe what Im sharing with you, I said, Why do you still have your mask on so he put his mask down? 0. 1:24 Ladies and gentlemen my name is Scott McKay it is March 22 2021 you are listening to the tipping point on revolution radio Welcome to the show folks if you're brand new here you are in for the high octane full throttle truth hammer on all the deep state scumbag criminals all around the world. The checker says dont check her out. And Ive watched them over many years. Scott McKay Is An Accomplished Criminal Defense And Civil Litigation Attorney. So, you know, based on on this long term experience you have in studying the constitution and where we are now. Now we are here. a charlatan actually is with Anthony Fauci promoting people take this vaccine. Scott McKay, Host of "The Tipping Point" says, we are currently witnessing the systematic destruction of the, "Old Guard" and Scott talks about Oh, by the way, not everybody is going to get to see this. The very first book is the most recommended one by my readers. Is this is this a bar scene in Star Wars. scumbags outlet. And Ill say little about it for right now. Now some good why one of the proprietor had smallpox. Yeah, heres something its also very fascinating. Look, the landscape of the cities, especially the democrat run cities, the states, the entire country, who sets public policy, who is the one that wields the sword of influence on this society, its these elected officials that in most cases, know nothing, and oftentimes do nothing. 1:50:47 Because once you unleash the American citizen, the American patriot, especially our soldiers on US soil with their home and their family right behind them facing the enemy. She had to kind of mask as a doctor, a research scientist, world renowned on a way to speak at a convention to 1000s of doctors about this very issue, wearing a mask. Did the states create the federal government? (Recommended). He comes in to throw his weight around, wrestles her to the ground injures her. On siding were gonna talk about this tonight were going to talk about how this milk toast King shit rent a cop pussy Santa Barbara airport police officer physically assaulted Judy Mike ovitz, Dr. Mike, its the one that torched Anthony Fauci and outed him. While he is from New England originally, he loves Da Bears and can route for both . He would find a way to get it on the air no matter how new the play-by-play person was or what surprises happened at the game site. These cowards will buckle belt buckle their drop the bullshit Come on in because I need your money. 1:21:23 There. She was served. So Im going to walk through something here, I just want to read this to you. 1:14:28 If you are looking for a reliable and experienced plumbing contractor in Springfield, TN, feel free to contact our company today for a professional service that will exceed your expectations. gunshots dover nh; how thick is a stack of 100 dollar bills; June 22, 2022. revolution radio with scott mckay. When its for real, and its right here? So anyways, that being said, the Patriot Street Fighter revolution is now on law to you folks now are coming to the tipping point in revolution radio, welcome. 30:35 Heres the way it really is. Shes coming in to get it out. And Im like, thats my church. Because we thought the other guy would fight for it. The Universal and single minded presumption among its participants was that such a crisis would prove an opportunity of convenience to promote new vaccines, and tighten controls by a surveillance and censorship state. 1:49:41 And then we have. My rights dont end or your fears begin. I just kept walking and shop and walking and shopping. You mean like the human trafficking operation, child sex trafficking, kidnapping of The United Nations, you mean those NGOs and all the other ones? We didnt practice. A person may not be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. I cant anyway. So is it fair that the federal government created States federal government should basically control the States? Choose Keagy's Best Price Plumbing for the quality plumbing work you deserve. These are people that are self serving, theyll take the money I guarantee you, youre going to find I cant imagine you finding one out of 100 of these smaller businesses that are going to stand out and say you know what? He worked at the radio station for 45 years, up until his death. He cant. It is the monetary system that either destroys it or upholds it, depending on which direction you take. Let them assess the risk to make the decision for themselves. This is what we offer this end right here. They didnt have free market? 25. And were in all the and we do our shopping and they stopped me while we were shopping. Hes a Federal Reserve combat battles against Federal Reserve as a But anyway, and he says something that I really appreciate. Why do you need a PR firm when youre trying to keep something completely hidden from the public? The task of identifying every bad actor is a mess. All you got to do is think the language is right there. Thats the problem. But this is quite an interesting piece of insignia for the revolution that we started here in revolution radio. Scumbags beware! stores like winco dont do curbside. By 62, after two generations iE 50 years, with one child policy, China policy, the kazarian banking elites, I call them the mafia, had successfully intro infiltrated all the aspiring bloodlines and taken over the longest, longest standing dynastic society the planet has ever seen. And then in 2011, after building the show for four years and having quite an audience, I stepped down and guest hosted for Rick Amato, who was on Kcb cue down here in San Diego County. 1:08:49 1:52:10 Theyre going to buckle Why? Also, this website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. And they know eventually they deny it so much eventually. 1:33:46 And youre going to protect me what from you? Oh, you found it. And it confirmed what Ive been saying for over a year based on Gordon dust research. Watch Today The Broadcasts that started the Patriot Street Fighter Movement! And and, you know, I said, because Im me. These scumbags work their way into government. And you know what? Heres your proof. Adequate alternative accommodation is I think the way its worded. Because I realize that some of you folks dont know the things that I take for granted that I know. 542. We have noticed that after Chinas theatrical lockdown, they quickly went back to business as usual. Constitutional Law were gonna point out the bullshit that is being perpetuated on society by these unlawful unconstitutional actions and these enforcement agencies and you know your general basic issue, scumbag governor etc. I am here Well, thank you for having me. And you know, you have people out there and they exchange the conflict. take it for granted. I know which ones didnt close. And I mean, I think theyre kind of dumb, but but you know, what? Sorry. While the answer is the states created the federal government, the states existed before the federal government, they created a federal government to centralize some of the processes, specifically, judicial executive branch to carry that out legislative representation from each state. I just went through that for 45 minutes and the main the main interests I told her finally after going around around with her about 10 or 15 she says we need to call an administrator. Become A Patron . I think it might have been at the end of February they had these negotiations with whoever the head COVID commander is in the disease ranks. Podcast by: Initiative Q (Better than Bitcoin?) I had some summer and all the I was at an all the I dont want to mask my wife does just because she doesnt want the hassle. Sure enough when I walk in, shes got two pairs of gloves on her hands, two masks and one of those welder shield looking things. I contend they would load it up all their muskets grabbed all their buddies went in there and started a shooting gallery and ended this thing right now, right there. smokeymtnwoman. Im not talking about violence. They all had the, you know, they all had the same color suits. 50:59 Youve authored What are you know, a couple of books that you recommend people getting where can they find them? He was talking about TD Jakes who I know nothing about other than the fact that hes pastor. These are the people that are making the decisions that are being perpetuated on you. Now it doesnt mean next time that that Im not coming in, Im just not going because we were going to get past the 10th. And, you know, she said its a store policy at the mask on I said, Im just telling you, I put a mask on I got a National Medical, I got to deal with this all the time. monarchies. Listen to free internet radio, news, sports, music, and podcasts. He was previously Managing Editor at the Coshocton Tribune, worked at the Athens Messenger, and began his career as a sports writer and editor before focusing on news. 76.3K . Of course you do. Yeah, you know, its funny, because Ill begin this by telling a real quick story in a woman who convinced me to start teaching classes on the Constitution. Ill let you fill in the blanks. Plus 100,000 AM/FM radio stations featuring music, news, and local sports talk. And theyve decided that the the the inability to wear masks is coming from my vertigo which comes from a head injury that I received which is given me headaches, which are really actually caused by the neck injury. Again, who determines the bad actor? We know at this end does. 627. But this Tomahawk is one of two choices for the Cabal powers, which end we use is fully up to them. Douglas v. Gibbs comm slash books, Douglas v Gibbs comm slash books or you can just hit the books. Our professional plumbing services include drain, sewer, and septic tank cleaning, tankless and gas/electric water heaters installation, remodeling, and much more. 1:47:35 silver and copper in it. The deaths attributed to COVID in the real life situation are highly questionable, as we know and must be seen in the context of a global population of 7.8 billion, with about 59 natural deaths expected annually. My wife works in retail she has to wear to work, otherwise she doesnt work and we need and we need the income. We know more than anybody else in the world, our history, even even though theyre trying to erase it. And I was unwilling to bend certainly was gonna break, I was gonna do things on my own terms. I remember probably 40 years ago, wasnt really the thing, the cool thing to become a politician or run for office, I mean, look at these guys back in the 70s. So by the time the first ones being approached, told they need to put on a mask, the next person is walking in without a mask. The Crypt Rick and Jonathan Show. 1:08:56 Bingo. Now they want to control the whole world. So Ive got my reasons. Do you know what the color of law is all about? Anyways, this kazarian bat these kazarian banking elites took over on 12 February 1912.