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Page URL: https://www.wodonga.vic.gov.au/Whats-On. Your local council will check your concession card details with Centrelink and apply the concession to your bill. Data on property rentals and expenses is obtained from owners and tenants. Wodonga City Council has asked the . Planning applications on public exhibition, Wodonga's economy, demographic and population. 67 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[51 29]/Info 50 0 R/Length 86/Prev 151171/Root 52 0 R/Size 80/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Wodonga Council collected at least $18 million in extra revenue from its waste management levy over the past decade, using the surplus to fund other council services, the Ombudsman has found. Each council collects rates from residents and businesses in its municipality to help fund local infrastructure and services. Walking and cycling tracks Local reserves Sporting ovals and complexes Skate park and pump track WAVES Wodonga Sports & Leisure Centre Ground closures Off-leash dog areas Community Centres The centres Facilitating & volunteering Rates Page URL: https://www.wodonga.vic.gov.au/Online-Services/Pay/Rates Rates / Online Services / Pay / Rates All rights reserved. Each year, your rates are used to provide essential services, including: You can now register to receive electronic notices direct to your email address with e-notices. In 2013/14, Albury council levied average rates and charges of $1353 on around 21,000 ratepayers, while Wodonga, on average, slugged its residents a hefty $2107. Normally, however, the inspection is arranged with the owner/occupier of the property. Cardholders should check their rates notice and contact their local council with any queries. Complete the form and send it to your local council. Contact the National Relay Service: However, in the 12 months to the end of June 2014, the rates take of Victorian councils had blown out to more than $4 billion, while NSW ratepayers were handing over $3.79 billion. How rate rises and inflation are pushing middle . Copyright 2023 The New Daily. Pensioners often find it difficult to afford rates bills because they generally rely on government income payments for a much longer period than the recipients of other payment types. Page URL: https://www.wodonga.vic.gov.au/Building-Planning/Planning/Planning-fees-and-charges, / Building + Planning / Planning / Planning fees and charges, In person: 104 Hovell St, Wodonga, VIC 3690 Phone: (02) 6022 9300 Or get creative with drawing, clay or even the unique Harmonograph. The rate increase freeze means the council will forego around $800,000 in additional expenditure in a move no doubt welcomed by ratepayers who have been subjected to multiple 7 per cent hikes in recent memory. ""#o "T0, Wodonga Council > Building + Planning > Planning > Planning fees and charges Planning fees and charges / Building + Planning / Planning / Planning fees and charges In person: 104 Hovell St, Wodonga, VIC 3690 Phone: (02) 6022 9300 Post: PO Box 923, Wodonga, VIC 3689 Fax: (02) 6022 9322 Email: info@wodonga.vic.gov.au Correct as at July 1 ZzsA u=A4^<0#0w/XCDPpR>L9xBf04 +"4! M\%ddMPG}@_> E n Phone your council or the Concessions information line. Planning applications on public exhibition, Wodonga's economy, demographic and population. Phone the Concessions information line on 1800 658 521 (toll free) for an application form or download one below, see Related resources. 1999-2023 Wodonga Council. On average, Wodonga ratepayers cough up at least $700 more than their NSW neighbours to oil the wheels of their local council. Property owners already receiving the Municipal Rates Concession from their councils will automatically receive a concession of $50 on their Fire Services Property Levy assessment. The Finance and Accounting Support Team (FAST) program was designed to help improve the financial sustainability of rural and regional councils. What is the process for objecting to a valuation? An objection should include the prescribed information. "Wodonga Council deceived ratepayers for 10 years over $20 million," he said. page 6. page 12. development. The Living Libraries Infrastructure Program helps Victorian councils and regional library corporations to provide high-quality library infrastructure to meet their communities changing needs. Safe and temporary accommodation for Victorians who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless due to an emergency or family violence. h2470V0Pw/+Q0L)6470 1.2K views, 6 likes, 0 loves, 0 comments, 2 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Wodonga Council: Do you wonder where your rates go? Our services protect those most likely to experience family violence. We have made available a variety of financial assistance and planning services to help low income Victorian households. Information about policies, programs and services for health sector and community service agencies that service DHHS clients. Leave feedback online. Mayoral Minute. In the event that your inquiry cannot be resolved and you wish to talk to the valuer, that option will be made available to you and details of a call back will be made. How much is the concession? Since the mid 1990s, the Victorian government has virtually allowed local governments to arbitrarily set rate increases, whereas the NSW Government has imposed stringent caps. "It is the least they could do considering the fiasco with the waste management levy," he said. Provides information on who to contact if you need disability supports and services. Council can provide a free rubbish collection from the site you have registered. Wodonga Council collects rates to provide a wide range of services. The three councils most likely to encounter resistance from ratepayer advocates are Ballarat, Melbourne and Maribyrnong, which each this year issued average assessments for rates and charges at above $2000. Under the Local Government Act 2020, the Minister for Local Government may appoint independent bodies to provide advice to councils and report back on council structures, operations and governance. The Mayoral Advisory Panel consists of mayors from across Victoria who provide high level advice on local government issues. This group of ratepayers, on average, experienced a 3.5 per cent increase in their rates notices between 2015-16 and 2017-18. Our March line-up includes the following. FSIHa* L2gc1`T6cU!Cg=dBiY6G1.[OJDtL! Veterans' Affairs Gold Card (given for TPI, War Widow, EDA or POW). All rights reserved. A ratepayer who holds one of the following eligiblecards: 50%deduction on council rates up to a yearly maximum of $253.20 for 202223. Deaf, hearing or speech impaired? But in an interesting revelation Wodonga's contribution to joint initiatives between itself and Albury under the Two Cities, One Community partnership is nearly $130,000 down from the $290,000 figure allocated for the present financial year. wo do n g a econ om i c i n di cators 2018-2019. co nt ents snapshot page 4. employment. 79 0 obj <>stream The council has also made a commitment to keeping its consultancy spend in check. We would like the council to return to basics improve our roads, get our debt down and reduce rates.. A website that makes it easier to find the right information about housing and housing assistance in Victoria. In October . PMs new ministry sworn in. For more than a decade, The City of Wodonga has been one of the highest-taxing local governments in Victoria (and the nation), and it this year levied average rates and charges of $2258 on ratepayers. Page URL: https://www.wodonga.vic.gov.au/. All . ABN 63277 160 265. hbbd``b`$. All rights reserved. other properties will be automatically added to your account. If you object to a valuation, you still must pay rates by the due date. Adoption permanently transfers the parental rights and responsibilities of natural parents over to adoptive parents. Where the class of application is changing to a new class of higher application fee, the difference between the fee for the application to be amended and the fee for the new class. Valuers also have powers to obtain additional information. We subsidise housing and accommodation that provide high level care services to people with special needs. The Victorian Local Government Grants Commission (VLGGC) recommends financial assistance grants from the Federal Government to local councils in Victoria. A savagely reduced events program due to the COVID-19 pandemic has helped Wodonga Council cushion the blow to its bottom line of a zero per cent rise next financial year. Find out what health benefits you can claim. Your digital subscription includes access to content from all our websites in your region. Ratepayer groups fear recent moves by the state government to restrain future increases might achieve little. For more information about the Fires Services Property Levy visit the fire levy website. Polls dont faze me: Shorten Use of this website signifies you have read and understood the disclaimer. * NOTE: A new fee unit will be applied in accordance with the Department of Treasury and Finances revised value of fee unit on July 1 of each financial year. ABN 63277 160 265. Already, 21 of Victorias 79 councils have signalled they want to boost rates by more than the 2.5 per cent annual cap prescribed by the state government. There are specific laws that protect the rights of people with a disability for example the Disability Act 2006 and the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006. But the council has made the tough call to significantly reduce operations at one of its flagship attractions, the Bonegilla Migrant Experience. The payment has been successfully processed. Local Government Victorias annual community satisfaction survey compiles community feedback on councils in five key performance areas. . Council has received a request from Wodonga Council to jointly advocate for a purpose-built hospital on a greenfield site (Refer Attachment 1 ). If you are a new owner, you will not be able to set up for eNotices until you have received at least one hard copy rate notice. "This budget not only delivers a zero rate rise for our community but will see more than $30 million in capital works which represents a significant economic driver in our local economy with more than 80 per cent of those works undertaken locally by local people.". Although the 2014/15 rates data is not yet available for NSW municipalities, over the Murray in Albury, homeowners have consistently paid lower rates over the last 20years. Gender equality and diversity benefits all of us. General. Provision for specific service such as waste collection carries a fee. We dont know whether they want to use that money for a for tin-man or a railway carriage or even a sculpture of Marilyn Monroe no-one is telling us, Mr Deegan says. Children, young people and adults who have experienced recent or past sexual assault can access support and care services. Disability supports and services contacts, Municipal Rates Concession application form (Word), Municipal rates concession factsheet (word), Municipal rates concession for EDA and POW application form (pdf), Municipal rates concession for EDA and POW application form (Word) accessible, Municipal rates concession application form (pdf). Development land or to use and develop land for a single dwelling per lot or to undertake development ancillary to the use of the land for a single dwelling per lot if the estimated cost of development is: A permit that is the subject of a VicSmart application if the estimated cost of the development is: To develop land if the estimated cost of the development is: 1999-2023 Wodonga Council. Criticism of such a position from the Auditor-General was a source of great indignation by past mayors, councillors and chief executives when asked to respond. "Wodonga's mayor and senior management never fully apologised to their community for the under-handed rate gouging. "Under the circumstances I don't think they've given ratepayers and businesses much concession at all. Use of this website signifies you have read and understood the disclaimer. Governance resources of the Local Government Act 2020 and related Acts, policies and legislation. Wodonga to use hardship policy not funds for COVID help as North East councils record surpluses By Ellen Ebsary Updated July 2 2021 - 4:50am, first published 3:00am SPLIT: Ratepayers in the twin cities will have access to varied levels of hardship relief in this financial year, with Albury dedicating funds to a specific program but not Wodonga. . 2020-21 municipal rates and charges = $800. Rate-capping's introduction in Victoria put a sudden halt to councils which had a propensity to lift rates way above CPI on a regular basis including Wodonga.. A ratepayer who holds one of the following eligible cards: Pensioner Concession Card Veterans' Affairs Gold Card (given for TPI, War Widow, EDA or POW). "The Wodonga community has seen the benefit of the borrowings that the councillors at that time were brave enough to commit to in pursuit of delivering on a long-term vision with the delivery of key inter-generational projects that drive visitation and economic benefit for our growing city," chief executive Mark Dixon said. Local Government Victoria provides a range of planning and reporting guides and templates to assist councils with planning, budgeting and reporting. Does Wodonga Council have a municipal charge? Tourism development and marketing spend is up nearly $100,0000 as council attempts to woo domestic visitors to the city in the absence of being able to travel overseas due to COVID-19. get creative with drawing, clay or even the unique Harmonograph. Victorians have available benefits to help with the cost of education from kindergarten through to adult education. "Councillors and senior management could have also taken a pay cut to show some more compassion and understanding towards ratepayers. 'WqvQvddL#I(8uVO{,yWzr{gi|Aj)8Xn property in need of complete renovation surrey,